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Type: Vampire: The Masquerade.
Disclaimers: World of Darkness and all White Wolf material pertaining to Vampire: The Masquerade and Mind's Eye Theater do not belong to me. They only provide the setting in which the characters there-in exist.
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Title: Who says the Gangrel and the Ravnos can't get Along...?

I have to say, one of the best times in my unlife was when I was friends with a Ravnos named Kassandra Demitri. She was a pretty typical Ravenos I have to say; all full of mischeif and mayhem, but at least things were never boring around her, that's for sure. She also had the perchant of invoking things in me that we a little more... daring...than I'd normally do.

Case in point was the night she and I dealt with another Gangrel named Rumble, and his two-pint lacky Pipe. Rumble and Pipe were pretty much the head honchos of a gang called "The Hell's Bitches" and they were thought to be nothing more than an angry new-age viking Gangrel coterie, save for they didn't really (if at all) adhere to the codes and ethics of most vikings. (I spoke with the Wolf Child Elder [Karl Bastardsson] on this issue actually, and his only response was "Just because you run about looting and pillaging doesn't make you a viking.") They did it for the thrill and ability of doing it.

Sound familiar?

It should. These are tactics typically used by Sabbat. I found out later through Rumble himself that he and his gang of biker misfits were basically sabbat hunters that used their own tactics against them. Rumble offered me the chance to join up with them, but I declined when I found out they were pretty much participating in their own little version of the vaulderie. (For those that don't know, basically they were bleeding themselves into a cup and each drinking from it, so they were all bound to one another. This is partially what makes the Sabbat as dangerous as they are.) I started avoiding Rumble like the plague after that, but I think he had people following me...because the bastard always seemed to know where I was at any given time. Now, given my intense burning hatred for anything that seems remotely close to Sabbat, I started to get fairly irritated. And an irritated animal is never a good thing. I managed to get my mits on Pipe, who was actually Rumble's childer, and changed his name to 'Art'...

It's a polite way of saying I basically shoved a hunk of wood through his chest and hung him on a peg in the Sherrif's Haven for a short time.


I got ahold of Rumble and basically told him that if he didn't fuck off and leave me alone, that I'd kill Pipe and start making members of the Hell's Bitches disappear. Rumble was furious to say the least, and he went on a rampage. He somehow managed to kill off all my police contacts within the city as a retaliation before he made the mistake of going after Kassandra in an attempt to hurt me. Now, Kassandra was a pretty smart and a tough little cookie, and we had a bit of a working agreement. While this certianly pissed me off to no extent, I was also well aware that Kassandra could easily take care of herself...and fuck Rumble up in the process. She worked her charms on Rumble like he was fresh clay from the Earth...and the retarded moron fell for it. She had him convinced that he was the center of her world, that she'd do anything for him. I knew she was only yanking his chain for two reasons:
1. Because she could, and
2. because he'd pissed me off.

So Rumble had upped the ante by stealing Kassandra and killing off my mortal contacts. I certianly don't do well in negotiations, and the Prince of the city had already started to grumble at the fact that Rumble's Underworld contacts were encroaching on hers. So I dropped the bomb in casual conversation that Rumble and his gang were basically Sabbat cleverly disguised as Cam Loyal Kindred. Yes, a dangerous game, but that's basically what they were, and it was enough to set the Prince completely off. She ordered that Rumble and his gang Bloodhunted within city limits. So with that in mind...

I took Pipe back to where I found him. They had the habbit of inhabiting an abandoned warehouse on the more dingy side of town. So...me and Kassandra, against 8 to 10 very angry, blood-bound Gangrel. I held Pipe up by his hair with the hunk of wood still in his chest and held a gun to his head.

"Any one of you move and I'll blow his brains out." I growled low, my amber coloured eyes focused completely on the hulking form of Rumble. Their collective heads whipped around to look at me, their faces the haunted expression of brainwashing typical of those who walk the line a little too close. Rumble's face was the only one that distorted in rage as he lept to his feet and snatched Kassandra by the hair. I'd noticed that she was busy 'entertaining' Rumble on her knees and a flicker of amusement traced itself across her eyes. No one else moved as Rumble and I basically started at each other intently, silently daring the other to make the first move. I was vaguely aware of a growl that had formed it's way to the base of my throat as we started at each other across the 10 feet of distance between us. I could see the pupils of his grey eyes constrict in seething anger, espcially when I took the gun off safe and caulked it. Rumble's reasponse was to elongate the claws on his hands as was typical of our clan, and hold the very tips to Kassandra's neck, and threatening and dominant gesture to get me to back off. What Rumble failed to realise is that at that point in time, I didn't fucking care about anything else but killing him and his cronies. I hissed threateningly, my eyes flaring only breifly before I spoke one word of command.


Rumble groaned slightly and fell over, pulling Kassandra down with him before he released her, his body going slack. Now it was on. In a flurry weapons were drawn and pointed at me and Pipe, glocks and 9mm's mostly, stolen from the Police contacts I had. Half of Rumble's bitches couldn't use a gun properly to save their lives, using the typical "Gangsta" grip which only ended up kicking the gun out of their hands and near breaking their wrists in the process when they fired. I was able to move Pipe in front of me so that he bore the brunt of the assault, much to his internal horror I assume. I let them basically empty their clips, alot of the rounds going wide due to the faulty positioning of their grip, and Pipe reflexively took alot of the hits in stride. Holding Pipe like he was a SWAT sheild, I took fired off my shots, taking down three newbies with speed that managed to un-nerve them slightly. They started to panic as they fiddled about for their clips, before Kassandra managed to let lose with some sort of vision of an actual SWAT team stroming the place in a raid. It was pure giddy glee that made me smile at the remaining few that stood there stunned as they slowly put their hands in the air, allowing Kassandra enough time to stake two before the vision broke because of her lack of concentration. Two left, and once they figured out what the fuck was going on, they tried to bolt. She managed to get one by shooting at his back as he made a run for the door, I dropped Pipe like a sack of wet shit and went after the other. Imagine his surprise when a girl managed to over-take him and bring him down like a lion hunting a gazelle. He tried to fight back, using his claws against skin that was damn near like marble, before I managed to rip his heart out through his chest.

Clean up was pretty simple at that point. The Sherrif and Scourges were called, influence was used to cover everything up, and the Prince of the city pretty much ordered Rumble and his gang killed on the spot. The bodies were dumped in Gimli Lake attached to a block of concrete.

It was later that Kassandra pulled me aside to tell me that Rumble had planned to use The Bitches to get their hands on me so they could basically use me as some sort of unwilling fuck toy, to gang rape me repeatedly and blood bond me to them. I was stunned to say the least, and I couldn't say anything in response to her words. When she reached out to touch me to make sure I was alright, it was then that I flinched away from her. I pressed myself against a wall and slid down it, shaking my head in disbeleif at what she told me. She couldn't understand why something like this would have bothered me so much, up until I told her in a quiet and shaking voice that I had vowed to myself long ago that I would never be gang raped again. It was the 'again' part that had caught her attention, and eventually I had to tell her that during my time in Bergen-Belsen I'd been raped repeatedly by the german guards stationed there. I may have been 'Yuden' in their eyes, but because of my Canadian nationality, I wasn't as 'verboten' as the other ladies. This is partially why I work so hard to have people respect my mind and my skills as opposed to my looks. There are days when I still think that if it hadn't been because of my beauty that I wouldn't have been abused in Bergen-Belsen as badly as I was. I remember once I had learned German that the guards used to coo at how pretty I was as they availed themselves of me and ravaged me repeatedly, that they had chosen me out of the hundreds that were there because of my looks.

Kassandra's words had brought back so many memories that I had tried to repress, that by the end of it all I was a shaking, sobbing mess. It was she that was able to get me out of Elysium that night, it was her that took me back to her Haven for the night to let me sleep, it was her that took exceptional care of me for the few monthes that I stayed with her. There are other stories from that time I well that I may detail, partially on how she helped me in my process to recovery.

I was heart-broken the night Yuri told me she'd been killed by Lupines. The rest of the Gangrel clan didn't want to howl for her...so I did alone. It was all I could give her for what she'd done for me.

© of Silverfurr Lynx, 2006
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