Mystic Sin (fallen_music) wrote in ds_limted,
Mystic Sin

Radom Insanity

"Haunted Plague"

I am plagued by my anger,
or of what I see exists.
I am consumed by what haunts me,
and haven't learned to set my soul free.
The kiss of death intangles my mind.
I've struggled with the hate,
in hopes of winning the ultimate race,
But at the end,
I'm still here,
Where I was,
Where I went,
Not really getting anywhere.

A chill embraces me,
Which I welcome gladly,
For what plagues me still lingers off in the distance.
Embrace whats there,
Consume whats open...
I want to shut the door,
I want to it to close the world away from me.
Shallow crys of tomorrows fury,
Etches the mind of todays sins.

We live haunted,
Who is we?
We is you.
My mind is raging again,
consumed with its own plague.
I wont let you enter,
I wont let you in.
There's no choice the voices say,
You've already given in.

copyrights of Sugar Gore
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