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Writer's Block: Mystery meat

What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten? What made it so gross?

The most disgusting food I've ever eaten hasn't been disgusting because of taste or texture. The bloated, polluted meat is the only kind I know, down in the dark. Occasionally I rise to the lights and sounds of Above, but the prey never offers a hunt like the kind I crave.

I dream I'm in the sewers, trolling through thick, muddied water in search of Human. Rat will do in desperation, but more often than not I find myself traveling up, nabbing from parking lots and parks. Prowling the dark is a welcome reprieve from the stench of Home.

Part of me knows what I dream of is unwanted. It tiptoes the line between dream and nightmare, pinching elements of both. Despite my eating habits, despite the fact I know I am Monster, there's a certain kind of.....freedom.

Sneaking around, feeling the bite of concrete and metal and the squish of soft flesh beneath what amounts to claws, I am unshackled. The night cannot harm me, nor can the ones I hunt. Guns amount to little more than plastic toys. I remember crunching one between my jaws and letting the bite of gun powder mingle with blood.

Though I don't remember much of the dream, I know I am searching for something. I'm horrified by the things I collect - heads, hair, what I growled out as "spare parts" when questioned by a man I could not see. I recall stealing a body from Above, from a place of tile and harsh lights. A doctor, I think, judging by the coat, though by the time I get It to the sewers, it's covered in grime and gore. He was old, and whatever I am, he did this to me.

I think I end up putting the body (neatly chewed in half) on a shelf by my bed. For safekeeping, because he was "shiny". Though, how a body can be shiny, well....it confused even the dream me.

I remember clawing up to a grocery store marketplace, fleeing from those who hunted me. I laughed, because they could not see me, and I was faster. Stronger. Better.

I slunk along the ground, watching as my mother and my sister stood by their car, loading bags of food into the back seat. Neither of them noticed me, though I moved by my sister close enough to touch.

Though I've never actually consumed it, the most disgusting thing I've eaten wasn't really that gross.

Only the ideas make it so.
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