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She grinned, clutching her shopping bag as she stepped out into the sun, shielding her eyes as the rays of light hit her full force. She was.....on campus? Somehow, it seemed relatively normal, so she moved on. No monsters hopping out to try and kill her, at any rate.
" And if you'll come this way, we'll go hide in here. The old Powerplant has been shielded by radiation, so if anything happens this is the building we should re-format to save us all," a professor quipped to a small gathering of students before hurrying them all inside. She looked over and eyed the building critically. Honestly, it didn't look like it would save much, all crumbling brick and overgrown vines...apparently it was being used as a pseudo-greenhouse, as there were panes of what used to be glass...now broken and shattered. But she shrugged and moved on. What was the harm in their using it for their own paranoia? Then somebody jostled her from behind, and her bag dropped to the ground. Suddenly her hands were full of bags. Had she bought more than one thing?
" Here, I'll get it for you." She went to smile gratefully at the familiar male voice, but winced as sunlight lanced her eyes.
" Thanks a lot," she replied anyway, holding her hand out for the bag, trying to shield her eyes with her other hand. No dice. He just chuckled and she could hear him shifting. "Sorry," she continued, " but the sun..."
" Ah, no problem. Here, I'll walk you to...where are you going?" Where *was* she going? For some reason, the bus stop floated through her mind for a moment, and before she knew it, they were walking. To the theater. 'Eh??' There was the brief pressure of a hand on her waist.
" Hey, there you are!" A girl hurried over to her, waving a clipboard. Did she *know* her?? The guy had vanished, and she pouted a moment.

The alarm clock woke her.
" Nnghmmn..." A pause. She grinned, stretching out on the bed.
" He's back!!!!"

(ok, and for the back story on this....for a while, about once/twice a month, there'd be a guy popping up into my dreams, but for various reasons, I could never see his face....I'd be standing with my back to him, or he'd be in shadow, or what-have-you. Then about two and a half years ago he popped up in a dream as per usual, but said that he couldn't talk to me anymore because I was "too afraid"...never said of what. I hadn't had another dream with him in it since, until last night ;p And, before you guys get any naughty ideas, we just talk :P
...why I thought to update this as a short short story, I'll never know >_>;)
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