Mystic Sin (fallen_music) wrote in ds_limted,
Mystic Sin

Love Without Binds

"Love Without Binds"

You graced my soul with your smile.
You graced my heart with your presents.
I want to drink in every breath you breathe.
I want to soak in every ounce of movement.
I've been blessed by your love.
I've been blessed by knowing you.
Thank you for embracing my heart, and letting it go too.
I've acked, and been broken,
Those words dont come close to the end of us,
There are no sorry's, nor are there dissappointments,
Only the understanding of the times moving forward,
Without us enterlaced.
Even when the twinge of anger engulfs my thoughts,
Somehow I travel the memory of my mind,
And relive a love,
That flowed over me with no binds.
I live freely and love openly,
All thanks to what you have given me.
I wish you a love to fullfill and embrace your dreams.
I wish you happiness in whatever life brings you.

Copyrights of Sugar Gore
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I apologize for the delay in replying to this. While writing is always on my mind, I sometimes forget to dust the cobwebs here. I'll pick things up as soon as I can. As for what you wrote, I liked it. It comes across as being contrasting,like a bittersweet thank you. Some parts are happy, while others kind of bite, which I like. There's a sense of duality there ("I love you. You hurt me. I forgive you. You suck."), which is pretty interesting. Can I ask where the inspiration came from?

Well, yes I suppose you can ask, the insperation wasn't really ever ment to bite at first, just the fact that sometimes love does hurt no matter whom or what kind.... We often times for get that, well I think anyhow... I was thinking of one thing, but when I read it agian I noticed subcontiously that another part of my life faded into it sort of, LOL, sorry but that is usually what happens. I guess you could say this Poem is about two people whom have touched or embraced my life in some way, I think thats my answer. Oh and dont worry about the delay, look I did it too, school takes up a lot of my time as well beings I've gone back, and kids take up the rest soooo... Heres to I'll get here when I can :). As always thanks for your questions, Lenny, and your appreciation. Oh now I'm sorry for the delay, LOL